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Self taught Dublin born, arrived in London in the sweltering summer of '76 and hitched to India the following year on the day that Elvis died. Returned in '86 to co-found the psychedelic folk thrash outfit The 7 Kevins and played on the underground squat scene where we became the Mutoid Waste Company's house band, playing at the legendary warehouse partys of the late 80s. I left the band in '96 to paint full time and haven't stopped since.

Current work
My previous work was about exploring various mediums and styles, striving to develop as an artist, but in the last few years I've felt the need to make more of a statement about all the bullshit that is happening in the world, espeically where east and west collide, and the unsustainability of consumerism. These are flashpoints in my work.

Global meltdown is upon us,we might as well enjoy what we have left and make the most of it. If only we'd listened to Captain Beefheart in the early '70s when he implored us to

''Shed your nasty jewellery and stop your cool tomfoolery - clean up the air and treat the animals fair''

That man should be promoted to Field Marshall General.

peter dunne, artist - pic by teddave



Recent Projects:

Computer Meltdown
a take on the millennium bug, the revolution will computerized, circuitry in motion.

The Andaman Islands with the Jarawa Tribe
a collection of paintings made after a trip to the Andaman Islands.

Electrical Fittings
Calcutta! City of dodgy sockets!

The Cracks of Brixton
when you're a kid, if you step on the cracks you'll see the devil, some smoke crack, some see the new growth peeping through the cracks, some crack up, some regenerate.

A Hop, Skip and a Jump in the Himalayas
- a collection of paintings made from a photgraphic journey I made through the Indian Himalayas.









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