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Well travelled, self-taught Dublin born artist, living in South London who is not afraid of colour.

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All my paintings are for sale. Please don't hesitate to contact me for price and availability. Paintings are also available as limited edition, signed prints. See also my other site at


Peter Dunne Art Collective

The Peter Dunne Arts Collective specializes in Art education for homeless adults as well as those with low income and disadvantaged people. We Provide these services in urban locations of Inner London where we have an organized volunteer collective of  artists,  who offer people the opportunity to learn not only the fundamentals of the painting process but also the possibility of representing their creative ideas with this medium.

We provide a safe and encouraging environment where the positive spirit and creativity of homeless people is nurtured through artistic expression, breaking down barriers of prejudice and fear with feats of beauty and creativity.

Our collective uses art as a release of expression and to give a voice to a range of people living on the fringe who dont normally have a voice. We strongly believe art is a therapy and a relief from disadvantaged circumstances.

Peter Dunne Arts achieves this by Promoting Learning by doing activities that promote self-empowerment.



artist from pete dunne arts collective with spray can work


artist from pete dunne arts collective with spray can work

Current projects

Robin Hood Tax (
This tax on the financial sector has the power to raise hundreds of billions globally every year. It could give a vital boost to the NHS, our schools, and the fight against child poverty in the UK, as well as tackling poverty and climate change around the world.
Peter Dunne Arts will be exhibiting at the Robin Hood Tax on 23rd March at the All Hallows church in The City, showcasing work by pupils and learners.
We have a good track record with our work and have volunteered free arts education to the homeless at all the Mutate Britain exhibitions (

We are in parntership with the homeless group SHP a charity preventing social exclusion where worked at the Whitecross street project providing free arts tuition to homeless adults (


peter dunne arts collective spray can work showing planet



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